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How to Get the Best Possible Facial

by | Beautiful Skin, Skin Care

We all want our hard earned money to be spent wisely, so how do we get the biggest bang for our buck when choosing an esthetician or facial? I have a few tips and questions you should always ask to ensure you’ve done your part to get the best possible service.

First, have you asked your friends for a referral? Hopefully you know a few people who take great care of their skin and get regular facial treatments. Ask those friends what they love about their esthetician: does she have multiple treatment options, does she treat all skin types, does she listen to you with compassion, does she ask what your main concerns are? If the answer to those questions are “yes” then you can feel comfortable with that esthetician.

So, you’ve chosen your esthetician, have made the appointment, and arrive feeling good. Now what? Well, ask questions and tell her your concerns to start. Don’t go in thinking you know exactly what your skin needs, unless you are in the industry, but be open minded. Allow the esthetician to examine your skin and ask her own questions.

A good esthetician will ask several questions to determine the best course of action. It may seem like she’s prying but these are important to ask. What is your skincare routine, how often do you get facials, how much sun exposure do you get, are you a smoker, how is your diet, what is the biggest concern you have with your skin?

Once these things have been discussed, your esthetician should be able to recommend a facial that is appropriate for your skin type/condition. Lay back, relax, and let her work. Enjoy your time spent and the baby soft skin you’ll leave with.

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